Clothing Colour Matching: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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Do you want to learn to combine the colours of your clothes to make them look even more beautiful? Then you'll love this guide! We'll tell you everything you need to know about the different colour matches possible. That way, you can create an outfit that's perfectly suited to the style you're looking for. We have a lot to tell you, so keep reading!

6 Easy Tips to Match the Colours of Your Clothes

As the popular saying goes, there's no accounting for taste. Fashion transcends established rules. However, the colour circle (or colour wheel) will help you best match the shades of your clothes. Pick a colour and its opposite – both will look great! Here are some tips to get it right.

1. Orange and Blue

These colours are ideal if you're looking for intensity. We recommend you to opt for a navy blue pair of trousers or skirt (a classic!) and leave the orange one for the top garment, such as a sweatshirt, T-shirt, or shirt.

2. Red and Green

It may sound like a very Christmas-like combo, but it's not. Try and find a muted red (like wine or maroon, for instance), and an olive, bottle, or military green. These tones work very well together. We recommend green for the trousers or skirt and red for the top.

3. Yellow and Lilac

No doubt an odd combination, but it does look great. You can choose a muted shade for one of the two colours if you don't want your outfit to attract too much attention. Which goes where? You decide! Both colours work very well with tops and bottoms!

4. Grey and Purple

This is a classic, timeless combination that always looks very elegant. Grey is a sophisticated colour that matches most shades. Purple, on the other hand, is both intense and beautiful, delicate and distinguished. We suggest grey for the trousers or skirt and purple for your top.

5. Black and White

This achromatic pairing is simply fabulous. You'll create a flawless look regardless of the style you choose. Go for a white pair of trousers or skirt and a black top if you have thin legs. If you have stronger legs, on the other hand, do the opposite (white top and black bottom).

6. Matching Warm or Cool Colours

If you prefer to match your clothes monochromatically, you will have to decide between warm and cool colours. Make sure to take note of our recommendations below:

  • Red and pink: The combination of these two warm colours is very trendy. The louder the shades, the better! Cheerful, personal, and versatile, they are ideal for both spring and summer.
  • Turquoise and blue: Both of these colours are cool; turquoise is fashionable and blue is a classic! If you're looking for more contrast, you can opt for a navy blue. Leave the latter for the trousers or skirt and turquoise for the top.
  • Brown and orange: If you prefer vintage outfits, this combination will delight you. In fact, this retro style is widely used today. Leave the brown for the trousers or the skirt and the orange for your top.


As you can see, there are countless variations when it comes to matching clothing colours. We bet you would have never thought of some of them, right? Sometimes, it's just a matter of experimenting a little. We hope that our guide was helpful in your quest for the right combination. See you next time!

Image: Unsplash - MNZ