Matching a Black Skirt: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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Black skirts are one of those wonderful garments that you can wear with almost anything. This is why they are now as essential as a little black dress in every woman's wardrobe. In this short article, you will learn the secrets of the ideal match for your skirt.

5 Easy Tips to Match Your Black Skirt

We are here to show you the path to the perfect outfit for your black skirt. Everything matters, from the type of skirt to the techniques to make it stand out.

1. Think about the cut

While all black skirts share their versatility, you have to consider that different cuts have different purposes. Wearing a short leather skirt or a long tulle skirt are two separate things. Each type fits certain styles. When buying your own black skirt, make sure to pick one that matches your personality.

  • Leather miniskirts: This is a classic for rebel girls. You can combine these daring skirts for an evening out. Contrast them with bright colours for an extravagant outfit, or with pastel tones for an understated, simple look.
  • Long skirts: You can find baggy, straight, or airy models. This type of skirt is very versatile, and you can create all sorts of outfits with it. You can go casual with flat sandals and a strapless T-shirt, for instance. If you combine it with a blouse, high heels, and a wide sun hat, you can create an exquisite look.
  • Classic cuts: The flared and the midi skirts are a couple of examples of classic cuts. As tradition has marked them with class and refinement, they are ideal for creating elegant and feminine looks. For this reason, these types of black skirts can be worn at weddings, dates, or elegant business meetings. Pair them with high heels for best effect.

2. Contrast it with colourful accessories

One of the advantages of black is that it acts as a neutral colour that blends with everything. Wearing a black skirt adds importance to this neutral element in your outfit. To create the right balance, you can opt for accessories in a variety of bright colours to contrast and complement it.

The most common thing is to look for shiny shoes or bags with colourful designs. Whether you go for abstract prints or defined drawings, this is all about personal taste.

3. Experiment with coats

Coats and black skirts are a duo that works well together. They emphasise a sophisticated look and create a distinguished and classy outfit. Here are some suggestions for pairings that can’t go wrong:

  • Wear a trench coat on top for an authentic chic style.
  • A denim jacket will give you a hippie or country look, depending on the shoes you choose.
  • Go for a badass outfit with a biker jacket.
  • Turn all black with a long black coat and a black blouse. This will create an elegant and mysterious outfit.

4. Use glitter!

Black always looks fabulous when you add glitter. While it tends to give a childish look to clothing, black is the exception to the rule; it makes these garments more elegant and chic. This is a great advantage that you should make the most of if you have a black skirt in your wardrobe.

That said, no need to dip your skirt in glitter. If the fabric is opaque, you can simply add a touch to an accessory or your hair. This is perfect for evening events, but stay away from glitter during the day.

5. Go back to basics

Certain garments are so versatile that they are considered universal, as they can be worn with just about anything. You can use these to complement your black skirt outfit and get the most out of it.

The first item to have in mind is the white shirt – although you can also go for a blouse or T-shirt. This combination is sober and neutral and can be worn on almost any occasion.

Navy-style striped shirts always look good with a black skirt. In addition, the contrast with printed T-shirts or blouses is very attractive.

For a sexy look, on the other hand, you can pair your black miniskirt with high boots. Add an oversized sweatshirt to simplify the outfit.


Pairing a black skirt is all about having a little creativity and knowing what look you’re looking for. Our tips will help you find your fashion style.

Image: Unsplash - E-Go-Studios