Matching a Blue Blazer for Men: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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A great deal of the potential for success of an outfit lies in the colours. Not only because each tone carries its own stylistic significance, but also because some garments stand out more with some colours than with others. This is the case with men's blazers, a piece of clothing that has earned a place amongst the wardrobe basics. Our article will tell you everything you need to know to pair a men's blue blazer.

4 Easy Tips to Match a Blue Blazer for Men

Before you can match any garment, you have to be familiar with the profile and styles that will work well with it. When it comes to blue blazers, you should consider the tone, length, and the rest of the outfit, amongst other things. Get ready to read all the tips you need to create attractive ensembles with your blue blazer.

1. First things first: the shade is key

Blue comes in countless shades, and each one carries its own uniqueness:

  • Royal blue is the most common colour for blue blazers is. This shade is ideal for combining with bright or pastel colours. The first option will create a very summery and playful outfit, while the second is the right balance between casual and chic.
  • Navy blue blazers are also very popular. Their formal and slightly understated profile makes them ideal for professional events.

2. Choose your style

One of the great advantages of blue blazers is how versatile they are. This means that you can wear them to define the style of your outfit. They are the perfect complement to add the finishing touch to your look.

If you're looking for a formal outfit, you can accompany your blue blazer with beige chinos, a shirt, and moccasins. This will create an elegant and simple look.

For a more casual and chic outfit, you should wear a royal blue blazer with jeans. To avoid looking out of place, go for a high-waisted model while ensuring no buttons are above your belly button. Don't forget to wear the blazer unbuttoned. Complement it with a neutral colour T-shirt.

3. Look for complementary colours

Remember when we said that not all blues were the same? Well, each shade can be contrasted or complemented by certain colours.

In general, blue looks good with clothes in cold colours, notably grey. It also stands out in contrast to warm colours like red, yellow, pink, and orange. Every shade of blue is a perfect match for white, making it a safe bet to pair your blue blazer.

On the other hand, you should avoid using blue garments with green and brown ones, as well as with different shades of blue.

4. Plain or detailed blazer?

If you like classic looks and your style isn't too experimental, then your preferred choice should be a plain blue model. These blazers are uniform in colour, the variety lying in the shades. They are very easy to match, as single-colour clothes look good with many garments. They will always give you a refined, masculine touch.

But maybe you're a daring dresser with a more extrovert style. If that's the case, you'll enjoy blazers with details. These can be anything from vertical or horizontal lines in a different shade of blue to elbow patches. In any case, you are advised to wear these blazers with simple shirts and trousers for balance.


Pairing a blue blazer for men isn't that big a challenge; you just have to know how to make them stand out. We hope the tips we have given you throughout our guide will help you find your own personal way to wear your blazer. Don't forget that every outfit must be worn with pride and confidence!

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