Matching a Denim Shirt: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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Denim shirts are a classic that keeps coming back every year. You can find a wide variety of models suited to different uses and styles. Keep reading our guide to learn how to match your denim shirt and make the most of it! A lot awaits, let’s get started!

6 Easy Tips to Match Your Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are incredibly versatile garments. However, you will need to match it with certain types of items if you want it to look great in your outfit. Next, we will give you the tips that will help you get it right. Be ready to amaze yourself!

1. Combine it with another denim fabric

Yes, we know that a full denim outfit isn’t necessarily recommended. What you can do, however, is mixing different tones to create a contrast. Dark blue jeans and a worn-out denim shirt work very well together, for instance. What do you think? You could also add a jacket and a leather bag to break the monotony.

2. Add a touch of glamour

While denim shirts are a casual piece of clothing, they look great with more elegant outfits or accessories. You can combine them with a patent leather handbag or shoes, for example. They also fit perfectly with dress trousers. Try it out if you don’t believe us!

3. Don't neglect leather

Leather, you ask? Yes, you read it right. Denim fabric matches beautifully with leather, be it with shoes, trousers, jackets, or bags. You can opt for classic leather tones like black and brown, or other colours (red, blue, or grey, for example). Simply match your denim shirt with your favourite leather garment.

4. Skinny or wide trousers?

This really depends on the type of shirt you’re wearing. If your denim shirt is tight, it will look good with wide trousers. This pairing creates a fascinating harmony. Skinny trousers are more versatile, although they look especially stylish with long, baggy denim shirts. You could also opt for leggings instead.

5. Don't forget prints!

The smooth denim fabric goes very well with printed clothing, such as plaid jackets, floral skirts, and striped or cargo trousers. You can also find a wide range of patterned bags. The options are virtually endless!

6. Details, details, details!

What do we mean by this? That denim shirts are very attractive with added decorative touches. These include pins, scarves, chains, bows, or belts, to name but a few. You can easily adapt these accessories to the style you choose. Dare to innovate!


Denim shirts are timeless and can be paired with an infinite number of garments and accessories. In addition, you will find models in plain, worn-out, light, or dark shades. The cut can be fitted, baggy, short, or long, and you can wear your shirt buttoned, open, or knotted.

All the above qualities make denim shirts one of the most popular garments for men and women alike. We hope that our guide helped you find the perfect match for your denim shirt! If that’s the case, check out our many other Stylespring articles to make the most of your wardrobe!

Image: Unsplash - Caleb Jones