Matching Burgundy: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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A type of dark red, burgundy is a classic colour that never goes out of fashion. This is mainly due to its beauty and versatility. You can pair garments in this colour with many different shades of clothing and accessories. Keep reading to discover the countless options that burgundy has to offer!

4 Easy Tips to Match the Colour Burgundy

Did you know that the colour burgundy can cheer you up? This powerful colour conveys strength, passion, and joy. This is why garments in this colour are not only beautiful but also energetic. We have prepared some tips to help you best match burgundy clothing. Let's get started!

1. Black and white are essential

Black and white are achromatic colours that work well with anything, which is why they are vital to your wardrobe. Besides, these shades look particularly good when combined with burgundy. Pairing it with white will create a very aesthetic and ornamental contrast. You can also combine burgundy with grey, another achromatic colour, for an exquisite look!

2. Bet on opposites

Opposite colours face each other on the colour wheel. You will find blue and orange, for instance, or violet and yellow. If we follow this logic, burgundy can be matched with shades of the green or yellow scale. You might find this somewhat intrusive if you're a classic dresser. To lower your outfit's intensity, simply pick a darker or more muted tone for one of the two colours.

3. Stick to the same scale

If you prefer colours in the same scale, you will find a variety of shades from the burgundy range to wear. In this case, we suggest that you search for contrast. This means that you should avoid colours that are too similar (like burgundy and vermilion). For a fashionable look that is both harmonious and aesthetic, you can choose to pair burgundy with pink.

4. Burgundy for every style

Your style will also influence the different colours you can combine with burgundy. Make sure you write the following advice down!

  • Elegant: If your style is more elegant, a fantastic option is to pair burgundy with gold. Clothing or accessories in the latter will add a very distinguished look!
  • Classic: In this case, the combination of burgundy and pink will look great on you (as we mentioned earlier). We also suggest wearing different shades of blue (light, dark, or frost). This very versatile colour never goes out of fashion.
  • Modern: If you're looking for a more avant-garde outfit, you could match burgundy with a shade of yellow, or even an intense green. Will you dare? In that case, try to have the other colours of your wardrobe neutral (like black or white, for example) to avoid looking like a rainbow.
  • Vintage: While you may not think so at first, the burgundy colour suits the vintage style very well. For instance, you could match it with shades of brown, orange, cream, or ochre. Knitted garments will look particularly good.


Besides being beautiful, the burgundy colour is extremely easy to pair. This is why the fashion industry values it so highly. Plus, it looks great in classic, modern, elegant, or vintage styles.

Throughout our guide, we have given you some simple-yet-effective tips so you can make the most of your burgundy clothes and accessories. You're now all set to hit the streets with class. See you in our next article!

Image: Unsplash - Amin Moshrefi