Matching Grey Trousers: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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Along with black and white, grey belongs to the range of achromatic colours. Grey trousers stand out for their elegance and versatility, and you can combine them with a range of outfits and accessories in different styles. Keep reading our article to discover all the options you can wear with your grey trousers! We bet you'll be surprised!

6 Easy Tips to Match Your Grey Trousers

Grey is one of those colours that go with everything. That said, certain shades certainly look better than others. In addition, you can find some fantastic clothes to complement your pants. Take note of the following recommendations to help you best match your grey trousers!

1. Go for a grey jacket

Grey trousers look great with a matching jacket. This is particularly true when you dress up. If you want to look elegant, we recommend grey trousers and jackets. Match them with shades that break the monotony, such as black, white, or purple. If your grey trousers are more casual, you can wear a jacket in denim, black leather, or tartan.

2. Black and white are essential

Black and white are the wild cards of colours. You can match them with any tone and will always look fabulous. Choose any black or white shoes, bags, shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets to match your grey trousers. It's a guaranteed win!

3. Grey and pink never fails

This pair is a classic. If you're a man and don't dare to innovate with pink, you can complement your grey trousers with a garment in a similar shade or from the same range. The combination of grey and red, for instance, is harmonious, aesthetic, and elegant all at once.

4. Don't forget the footwear!

Footwear is a central element in any outfit. If you have a more classic style, match your grey trousers with black or white shoes. As we mentioned earlier, you can never go wrong with these colours. Besides, they look particularly good with grey. If you're more of a trendsetter, you could go for red, purple, pink, orange, or blue shoes.

5. Mix styles

Fashion is increasingly unstructured. In the past, you had to match your shoes with your handbag or respect a single outfit style. This has changed a lot today! Grey dress trousers, for example, look great with a casual T-shirt, or even with slippers. If you have informal grey trousers, on the other hand, you can combine them with dress shoes or more formal shirts. This fusion of styles is very fashionable and allows you to make your wardrobe more flexible.

6. Brown: in or out?

We say out. This colour is very common in clothes, and even more so in accessories. We often use brown leather or suede bags, belts, and shoes. However, this tone simply doesn't work very well with grey. Don't worry, you won't look terrible – but other colours will look much better.


As you discovered throughout our article, you can match your grey trousers with a wide range of options. This colour is incredibly versatile, although it goes particularly well with black, white, pink, purple, and red tones. Buying grey trousers is always a good decision, not only for their versatility but also their aesthetics and style.

We hope that our guide has helped you to find the perfect match for your grey trousers. Don't miss out on our other expert articles if you're into fashion; you'll find lots of useful and interesting content. See you next time!

Image: Unsplash - Dollar Gill