Matching Men’s Beige Trousers: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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Beige trousers carry a certain stigma that labels them as clothing for older adults. This is clearly a misconception. If you learn to match them properly, you will discover that your wardrobe can offer possibilities you would never have imagined.

We want to help you find the right style for you. That's why the following article contains some key tips to match your beige trousers.

4 Easy Tips to Match Men's Beige Trousers

How to pair basic garments, the importance of the trousers' cut, and the best suited colours are just some of the pointers you'll read about. So pay attention! Here's how you can create the perfect outfit with beige trousers.

1. Trust in the basic garments

You can wear basic clothes with just about anything. This is why they are considered fundamental to a wardrobe. Since beige trousers count amongst them, they will fit perfectly with other basic garments.

Here's an outfit that will never let you down: a pair of beige trousers with a white shirt, T-shirt or blouse. You can add elegance with a coat or a hat for a touch of boho. Slip on some light-toned shoes, and you're set.

For a more classic and elegant look, go with a black top. Men will find the perfect match for their beige trousers with brogues or derby shoes.

2. Navy blue and beige: the perfect pair

Beige is a neutral colour that matches almost every other shade. But when it comes to pairing beige trousers, your safe bet will be to go with a navy blue jacket.

For a man seeking a clean, masculine look, the perfect outfit will consist of straight beige trousers, a light, single-coloured shirt, and a navy blue jacket. You can also drop the blazer and swap it for a navy blue polo.

3. The cut is key

Although the colour beige carries most of the stylistic impact, the cut of your trousers will also greatly influence your final look. Let's check different types of fits and when to wear them:

  • Straight: This cut looks good on any figure and is ideal for an urban and casual style. Straight-leg trousers can be worn with any T-shirt and some shirts. You can also add a denim jacket for an attractive-yet-informal contrast. A blazer will create a more sophisticated outfit.
  • Dress trousers: This cut allows you to achieve a classic and elegant style. Keep in mind that the light tone may be too soft for gala parties, but the most daring of us won't shy away from that challenge. In any case, beige dress trousers are perfect for any cocktail party and professional event.
  • Loose-fitting: This type of beige trousers is characteristic of boho-hippie styles. In that sense, they look great with tie-dye print T-shirts and white linen shirts. Footwear-wise, you can go with sandals or moccasins alike. Use your loose-fitting beige trousers for informal settings and during the day, as they don't stand out at night and you could end up looking out of place.

4. Don't neglect the footwear

One of the greatest advantages of beige trousers is that they aren't very fussy about footwear. That means you can pair them with a wide variety of shoes. Unlike other garments, you won't need to buy a specific pair to match your beige trousers.

Just about any pair of casual shoes goes well with beige trousers. Chelsea boots will help you create an informal outfit, while sandals are best for a picnic ensemble. Are you having a bite to eat with your friends? Then a pair of moccasins (no socks, of course) will do the trick.

You can also give a formal twist to your beige trousers with the right shoes. Look for derby shoes for an office outfit, or plain leather moccasins for an elegant date.

While beige trousers are indeed very versatile, don't forget that they simply don't look good with black shoes. You could take the risk of pairing them with shoes in a different colour, but make sure they're a lighter shade or navy blue.


Beige trousers have been unfairly treated in the past. They are versatile, practical, and easy to match, all characteristics that make them a basic garment. We hope our suggestions will help you create the perfect outfits. Be afraid no more, and dare to wear beige trousers!

Image: Unsplash - Adeolu Eletu