Matching White Trousers: Our Step-by-Step Guide

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White is a versatile colour that allows you to create any fashion style. Once you learn to match your white trousers with other garments, a world of possibilities will open up in your wardrobe.

In this article, we will give you guidelines on how to find your own style and get the most out of your white trousers.

4 Easy Tips to Match Your White Trousers

You can play it safe or be bold with a pair of white trousers. Both options will work well if you know how to do it right. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. When in doubt, stick to basics

If you don’t feel like spending too much time building your ensemble, you can go for some white trouser outfits that never fail. Let’s have a look at the most versatile ones.

  • White trousers with a striped T-shirt and moccasins;
  • Black and white always work well together, so you can combine your dress trousers with a white shirt or T-shirt;
  • An all-white outfit will certainly make tongues wag;
  • Go for a sporty look with white trainers and a sweatshirt;
  • A grey long-sleeved jumper and white trousers are a perfect match for the autumn season;
  • A pair of white trousers with a jean shirt will create a cool and casual outfit.

2. Dare white on white

Few outfits display as much class and style as an all-white ensemble. Not only does it always look good and can be adapted to any situation, but it also says a lot about the person wearing it. It shows courage, as wearing white can be difficult. In addition, it is impeccable and fresh. We promise it’s worth the effort.

Many all-white outfits look good with a touch of colour that brings an explosion of life. This highlight can be a bracelet, a hat, or shoes. This is a great style to try when you want to make an impact wherever you go.

3. Don't forget the footwear!

An outfit does not end with the trousers. The shoes also play an influential role in the final look, which is why you should also think about the right pair to wear.

In this case, the key is to know how to match the style of your trousers. White tight-fitting models look good with sexy shoes like stilettos, or provocative footwear, such as monk straps. White linen trousers paired with sandals will create a light, boho-hippie style, ideal for summer.

As for colours, you are advised to opt for bright or vivid tones to contrast with your trousers. That said, mixing white trousers with white shoes is guaranteed to make for a casual outfit. Keep in mind that your footwear must be impeccable!

4. Remember the white trousers' etiquette

In fashion, everyone is free to wear the outfits they want to display their own style. But some universal aspects make white trousers look better, regardless of how you decide to wear them. Bear the following three points in mind:

  • You should always wear them with white or nude underwear.
  • Some fabrics are very transparent; if that's the case, thicker trousers are your best option.
  • If you pair your trousers with white trainers, make sure the footwear is clean.


White trousers provide you the foundation for any style you want – from smart to sporty, casual to elegant. This is why it should be a basic garment in every wardrobe. We hope that our tips will help you create the outfit that suits you best.

Image: Unsplash - Tamara Bellis