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Women’s Foulard: Shopping Guide & FAQ

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If you're looking for an accessory to spruce up your outfit, look no further than a women's foulard. Not only is a women's foulard made of lightweight fabric, but it also comes in a variety of designs and colours that you can choose from. It's a great piece to tie around your neck or even to wear around your head.

Women's Foulard: Everything You Should Know About

Whether you've got a women's foulard, or you're thinking of purchasing some, we're here to help. Below, we've answered some frequently asked queries pertaining to a women's foulard from what are the different types of women's foulard to how do you wear one and more.

What are the different types of women's foulard?

There are a few different types of women's foulards and we'll discuss them in greater detail below:

  1. Cotton foulards – These are the most common and the most versatile. You can wear them with a casual outfit or even something more formal.
  2. Silk foulards – These have a silky feel to them and come in vibrant prints and colours.
  3. Cashmere foulards – These are great if you're looking for something extra warm during the winter.
  4. Viscose foulards – These are incredibly soft and have a silky feel to them. Due to their material, they'll give an elegant touch to any outfit.

How do you wear a foulard?

It's not difficult to wear a women's foulard! All you need to do is wrap it around your neck only once and have the end either cover your back or drape down your bust. If you're more petite, you should opt for a women's foulard that isn't too long. Alternatively, you can also opt for one that comes in a knotted style.

What is the difference between a foulard and a scarf?

A women's foulard is usually made of more lightweight fabric that's either silk or a mix of silk or cotton. Scarfs on the otherhand can be made of heavier material such as wool or velvet. Women's foulards are also lighter and can be worn around the head.


If you're looking for an attractive accessory that you can wear around your neck, look no further than the women's foulard. Not only does it come in a variety of designs and patterns that you can choose from, but they can also match a wide variety of outfits.

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