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Product image: Women Dark Teal Soft Chiffon Scarve Shawls Wraps
£19.99 Sho
Women Dark Teal Soft Chiffon Scarve Shawls Wraps
Made from sheer chiffon, this scarf offers gentle warm and comfort wearing experience on autumn/spring day. Size:94inch(240cm)x27inch(68cm), fits ...
Product image: Shawl Wrap Soft Chiffon Scarve Scarf For Evening
£40.32 Sho
Shawl Wrap Soft Chiffon Scarve Scarf For Evening
Size:77inchs(195cm)*24inchs(60cm) Chiffon shawl,fits all womens and girls This elegant scarves,women shawl and wraps is extra lightweight,soft,be ...
Product image: Scarf Women Blanket Warps Scarve Printing Button
£9.59 Sho
Scarf Women Blanket Warps Scarve Printing Button
【SIZE】– Scarf size fits most. This womens scarves will be rolled up and packed easily in your bag. Any time you need it, This scarf for wom ...
Product image: Ladies Scarf Check Print Wrap Shawl Scarves Poncho
£7.99 Sho
Ladies Scarf Check Print Wrap Shawl Scarves Poncho
Ladies Scarf Check Print Wrap Shawl Scarves Poncho Oversized Light Women's Scarf Size: 70 X 170 CM Season:Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter Feat ...
Product image: Womens Scarf Making Gifts - I Make Scarves & I
£16.99 Sho
Womens Scarf Making Gifts - I Make Scarves & I
Scarf maker gifts for women and men. Funny tee says I Make Scarves and I Know Things for the makers of scarfs in the family. Goes well with scarf ...

Women’s Scarves: Shopping Guide & FAQ

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Women's scarves have long been a classic winter accessory. Scarves add a certain chic element to an outfit. They also are practical and keep both the neck and shoulders warm during cold winter months.

Summer scarves have also made their way onto the fashion scene and are styling elements to summer blouses and dresses.

Everything You Should Know About Women's Scarves

Women's scarves are a must-have in any wardrobe. Especially in winter months, these items prove to be both fashionable and necessary to keep in warmth.

What are the different types of women's scarves?

  • Long woven scarf: These extra-lenght scarves are made from woven animal hair such as wool can be worn loosly hung around the neck, styled or wrapped around the neck and shoulders.
  • Snood: Snoods are  circular scarves that are made in an infinity design and loosely fit around the neck. These scarves are thick in winter but also come in lightweight materials for autumn.
  • Pashmina: These scarves are traditionally made from cashmere from Persian goats. Pashminas are large and can be folded around the neck or worn around the shoulders.
  • Foulard: Foulards are made using soft materials such as silk, cotton or even cashmere. They can styled in many different ways and come in either a printed fabric or plain.
  • Neck scarf: Neck scarves are popular in summer because they are lightweight and are designed using fabrics such as satin or silk,. These scarves add a chic element to a summer outfit.

What is the best type of scarves?

If you want a scarf to keep you warm, a wool or cashmere scarf is a good choice. However, if you're looking for a styling piece anything from cotton to silk may best depending on your style and preference. 

In summer, short lightweight scarves are beautiful accents to day or evening outfits.

How wide should a women's scarf be?

This depends entirely on how the scarf is worn. In the summer thin scarves are preferred whereas in winter a thicker scarf is best. Thicker scarves can be tied around the neck or shoulders and are therefore more versatile.

The width also depends on your own preference and what you find comfortable. 

What is the difference between a scarf and a pashmina?

A scarf is any woven or fabric piece that is designed to be worn around the neck. Pashminas are a specific type of scarf made from cashmere wool produced from the hair of Persian goats.

Is a scarf a good gift?

Scarves are great gifts! Scarves are worn for many years and owning a beautiful scarf can be both a very fashionable addition to a clothing collection and a sentimental piece.

If you are gifting someone with a scarf ensure that it suits their style and the clothing items they already own.


Women's scarves are lovely additions to any wardrobe and every woman should own at least one. 

Pick a scarf in a  neutral colour for maximum versatile or one in a bright colour to liven up winter looks.

Photo by Karen Cantú Q on Unsplash